Friday, August 10, 2007
i think this is much more simpler
Create your own Friend Test here

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haha.. create for fun!
Create your own Friend Test here

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Thursday, July 19, 2007
do you understand? i understand how you feel. i knowmy actions hurt you not more then once. seriously, i have my reason for times. i hope you will understand. when i apologise i mean it. everytime i mean it. thats all i am saying.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
hmm. just reach home half an hour ago. left school early today with josh and went to play bowling with zhihui at kim seng. haha. today games were pretty well played. managed to score an average of 100 plus every game. i am so happy and i wanna keep up the good work till monday! met ren and went vivo. have a nice time with him :)
more bowling games for tml again. haha. guess i am really hooked onto this sport!
i think and feel that i am not needed by you anymore. seems like u can live a happy life without me. i can say that i am not used to it without u. there are so much i need to tell and clarify with you but seems like u just dun have the time. i just want to say u didn;t lose me at all. i m always here but just that u dun approach me anymore. u dunno how i feel and i thought u know. u should know where u stand in my heart and i can say it never change at all.
hmms. time to watch tudou. ciao!

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Monday, June 18, 2007
whee. time flies. now i am back to school again. have freaking law module again. done alot of discussions today. haha. used alot of brain cells. eyes are shutting down also. haha. but need to go and support my dearest nydcians for captain's ball match later.
i m glad that everything has went back to its original place. we overcome everything. haha. hope u dun angry man :)) i believe that our friendship is stronger then the past. whoohooo~~~ but now i miss my bed so much. haha. i wanna sleep.more sleep. gtg blog more later.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
wheee.. went cycling with my usual clique at pulau ubin today. haha. now my butt damn pain la :p. cycled round the island but the floor was freaking muddy today la coz it rained in the afternoon and seems like all the paths are full of rocks, so bumpy and as always, i am always the slowest. sorry guys, always need u all to wait for me. haha. have fun but i am so tired on the way back. i can even fall asleep when cycling. muscle starting to ache man. tml still got bowling training with my colleagues. sorry for cant make it for the captain's ball training :(. have dinner at ubin first stop seafood restaurant. haha. not really having seafood as most of their stuffs were like sold out. haha. then after that headed to tampines century square for HAAGEN-DAS FONDUE!! wahhh. very very nice lo.. heex. lazy me cabbed back home and i influence all other people to cab home too :P
have work tml. jus gonna catch some sleep then. tata.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
everyone needs a chance. a chance to change, a chance to amend their weakness. i was once given a chance and i appreciate that. if is not for the chance, there's no me today. i thank them for giving me that. i mean it, as always. just give each other another chance. believe me. you wun regret it.

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Friday, June 01, 2007
mia alot of days.. haha. hmms. pretty busy this few days and i had an enjoyable birthday party last saturday. just love all my friends and the surprises they gave me. i really like it alot. i got so much thanks to say and i dunno whether is it enough. i am really glad i got this bunch of great friends. thanks for doing so much for me. I LOVE U ALL!! thanks for all the rest of my good friends who came. i hope u all did enjoy and sorry as i may not be a good host:( i love all the gifts u all gave me. thanks u so much! i wanna thanks a group and my besties - ZOEE JOSHUA SEAN AND JINYAN. thank u so much for doing so many things for me. words cant explain how i feel but i just wanna say a big THANK U!! this will be the most unforgettable bdae i ever had!
term break starting soon. tml will be the last day and there goes my 2 weeks break. but i dun think i will be enjoying much. will be packed with work, jap lesson and going out :)) haha! how i wish this semester will end faster - not because of other reasons but i just want my vacation to come faster!! haha!
my daydreaming syndrome is back. had been thinking alot this few days. somehow i just live in my world of fantasy.just wish that i am stuck in there 4ever.

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